What our clients are saying about us:


“Maui Plumbing is one of the best plumbers on the island! I am so glad my boss found him for our company. He’s reliable, fast and always gets the job done… He’s THE BEST!!! I don’t think he ever leaves a job unfinished in one day. He gets it done!! Most plumbers don’t do everything… well he DOES!” – Shore to Shore Reality

“Arranging any contractor from the mainland can be a challenge but Ray made getting a new water heater installed in our condo seamless… his work was excellent, he hauled the old unit away, cleaned up everything, didn’t scratch the wood floors . He did a great job…(at) an incredibly reasonable price (and no “surprise” charges after the fact) …we would not hesitate to recommend Maui Plumbing for any plumbing job.” -Barb

“…fast, reasonable, clean, and professional. He has also done excellent work for my employer, Maui County Department of Water Supply. On that job he installed a whole floor of commercial low flow toilets and he did excellent work… Ray left the job cleaner than when he left. Simply amazing!  From big jobs to small Maui Plumbing can do it all.” –Maui County Department of Water

“Owning and running a busy restaurant that is open 7 days a week means that I don’t have the time to be calling …(a plumber) four different times to keep fixing the faucet they installed. And when there’s an emergency, I don’t have time to… leave a voice mail, which never gets replied to. The bottom line is that If you, your business, your friends, and your friends businesses aren’t associating with Maui Plumbing for all of your/their plumbing  needs, you are all wasting your time. Ray always responds to messages A.S.A.P, (he) always shows up on time, prepared, and gets the job done right the first time. Extremely knowledgeable, experienced, thorough, and fast, Ray is by far the most professional plumber on Maui. Maui Plumbing goes above and beyond any other plumber that we at Veg-Out have ever associated with in our 11 years of business.” – Veg Out Restaurant

“Your website is correct! Your work and your customer satisfaction are above and beyond awesome. We will never need another plumber in our address book.You responded quickly to email and phone calls. You showed up on time. Your prices were fair. Your professional attitude is something we had not yet experienced on Maui (in three years). After using several other plumbers, and commiserating with neighbors and friends, we were told we had a “mainland attitude” in expecting workers to follow through with commitments. You and your company disprove this notion.Thanks again for everything. It was a pleasure to do business with you.”- JB Lockhart

“Prompt, efficient, polite, friendly, and did a great job… and he made sure he didn’t leave a mess behind. His bill was very reasonable. We will definitely use (Maui Plumbing) for future plumbing problems, and have already told friends about him.”  -Lee

“Clean, courteous and professional. He does the job quickly and efficiently… cleans up really well. He offers useful tips and advice about plumbing issues. Honest and never charges more than quoted. He is also very patient and sweet to my children and pets. I am very happy to have found a plumber I can rely on and trust.” -Angie’s List

“We needed complete plumbing installed for an outdoor washer and sink hook-up. This was (to us) a huge job … A second estimate (was) 2 1/2 times the amount Ray charged!  Yes, I can say that Maui Plumbing was an excellent choice. They were very professional, and we would definitely recommend them to anyone…”- Angie’s List

“I called Maui Plumbing to discuss a re-occurring problem. Two previous plumbers had repaired the faucet only to have… the same problems…. (It) was a pleasure working with him.  I am now using him as the company to call if something needs repairing in the condo while I have guests staying there.”- Angie’s List

“Most people can agree that it’s hard to find a good plumber; someone you can trust and someone who is reliable and reasonable with their costs.  I thought it was all fictional until I found Maui Plumbing whom I was lucky enough to find on the Internet. He answered right away…(He) was friendly and prompt… in under 2 hours had repaired 2 toilets, a leaking bathroom sink and fixed 2 kitchen sinks. We were amazed at his skill and that he didn’t take us to the cleaners… I would recommend Ray to anyone with the utmost confidence and pride and I feel like we can call him for any of our future plumbing problems. Ray you’re awesome!!! “– Melram

“Excellent service!  Maui Plumbing has unclogged my bathtub drain, changed my bathroom faucet, fixed the toilet, put in a garbage disposal unit, and put in a gas water heater to replace an electric one. I called him again and again when I needed a plumber because I trust him, he cleans up, he does the job right, he is friendly, and the price is reasonable. If I need a plumber again I will definitely call Maui Plumbing.” – JVL

“Very impressed with his work and work ethics, I called Ray for a second time to do plumbing work for me… He was prompt, calling before his arrival and proceed with speed and completed the job leaving the work area clean. He even offered to dispose of the old toilet for me.”- Angie’s List

“… (Maui Plumbing) was punctual…  He was quick, efficient and very friendly.  I will gladly being calling him for any future problems.”- Angie’s List

“Maui Plumbing …was prompt, polite, and very efficient.  He also makes sure he leaves no messes behind.  He did all the work to our satisfaction. We will definitely use Ray again when we have plumbing problems, and highly recommend him.”- 
Angie’s List

“We had a second estimate, and it was 2 1/2 times the amount Ray charged!  Yes, I can say that Maui Plumbing was an excellent choice. They were very professional, and we would definitely recommend them to anyone and hire them again in the future.”–  D.C.