Shower Installation Service in Wailuku, HI

Shower Installation Service in Wailuku, HI and Surrounding Areas

Maui Plumbing, Inc. is the leading plumbing company in the region. Our impeccable service has allowed us to gain loyal customers who are happy to recommend us to other people. When you call us, we will give you our undivided attention. You can be certain that we will come on time to our appointments. We will work quietly and efficiently to provide you with the showers that you deserve. After we’re done, we will clean things up so you won’t have to.

Shower Installations

We are experts in shower installation. We can work with your project manager in designing and executing new constructions. Numerous architects and contractors in Maui seek us out when they have an assignment. They know that we can deliver excellent results that their customers will love. We can also do remodeling for homes that are in need of a fresh look after decades of existence. The space will appear more modern and become more responsive to the users.

Shower Repairs

Old shower fixtures may develop problems such as leaks and clogs. Allow us to diagnose the situation to get to the bottom of things. We will find the root cause and implement lasting solutions. You will not have to deal with the same problem again. Most issues are related so tell us if there are any other plumbing concerns around the house. We will provide a remedy using a holistic approach. Don’t hesitate to call for emergencies. We can go to your place right away and lend assistance.

Drain Cleaning

Periodic maintenance can be set up to make sure that the showers and other plumbing fixtures continue to run smoothly. We could remove hair clogs in the shower, prevent grease build-up in the kitchen, and so on. We can also inspect drain lines, perform hydro-jetting, and do other plumbing services.

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