Remodels/New Construction in Wailuku, HI

Remodels/ New Construction in Wailuku, HI and Surrounding Areas

Company Logo

The Nu Flow Companies manufacture and install innovative, noninvasive, eco-friendly technologies for the restoration of failing pipe systems. Nu Flow is the only small diameter pipe lining company to provide dual lining technologies from a single source and is master licensee for the longest time-tested small diameter epoxy lining in North America. Our CIPP structural liner restores aging sanitary drain, waste, vent, storm drain, roof drain, industrial piping and chemical piping systems in place. This patented Pull-in-Place technology extends the useful life of the pipe system at a fraction of the cost of traditional replacement.

North American Pipe Lining

Epoxy pipe lining was brought to North America in 1987 by American Pipe Lining. The company began employing its epoxy lining technology as a sole source  contractor to the United States Navy aboard its carrier vessels. American Pipe Lining’s success with the U.S. Navy brought immediate attention to land-based clients that required similar services in their buildings and underground piping installations. Following EPA approval of its coating in 1988, American Pipe Lining began providing in-place pipe restoration services to clients that faced aging potable water systems and poor water quality, including a variety of low and high-rise housing developments, schools, industries and water utilities.

A History of Nu Flow

In 2006, APL granted an exclusive license to Nu Flow to utilize all technologies and patent rights, making Nu Flow the only pipe and drain rehabilitation company which both manufactures and installs combined technologies for potable water lines, as well as trenchless sewer repair. Nu Flow acquired APL in early 2008, solidifying Nu Flow’s position as the industry leader in small diameter pipe restoration.

Licenses and Certfications

The Nu Flow Companies have several regional offices throughout the United States and Canada, with 300+ licensees throughout North America and the globe. Nu Flow offers a full turnkey in-place pipe restoration service to a variety of customers.  Nu Flow has committed itself to working closely with industry groups that test, audit, and certify drain, waste, vent, and sewer products and systems. Listing agencies for our patented Nu Drain system include the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF), International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) and International Code Council Evaluation Services (ICC-ES). Our product is in compliance with the following codes: Universal Plumbing Code (UPC), International Plumbing Code (IPC), International Residential Code (IRC) and the ASTM F1216 or ASTM F1743, NSF-14, NSF SE 13004 & ICC-ES LC101.

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