Pipe Lining Service in Wailuku, Hi

Pipe Lining Service in Wailuku, Hi and Surrounding Areas

Rusted Pipe and New Pipe

Maui Plumbing Inc is the exclusive licensed installer in Maui County for Nu Flow Technologies, Nu Drain system. This state of the art technology utilizes the existing entry and exit points of the pipe for a true “no dig” solution.

Our unique and specialized tools allow us to clean the pipe back to it’s original diameter, then line it with a corrosion and root resistant structural epoxy liner. Essentially creating a new pipe within the existing pipe.

Examples of Applicable Pipe Systems:

  • Mains, Horizontal Laterals, Vertical Stacks
  • Sanitary Systems
  • Storm/Roof Drains
  • Vent Systems
  • Processed/Industrial/Chemical Piping
  • Other Waste Systems
  • Elbows, Ts and Wyes
  • 2″ to 12″+ Diameter Pipes
  • Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Municipal and Federal Properties

Pipe Restoration General Work Sequence

The Inside View

Step 1: Pipe system diagnosis and set-up

Broken Pipe

Expose existing access points or create access points. The existing pipe system is inspected for integrity and breaks in pipe using a drain camera. Corrosion, roots and missing sections in the pipe are located. Temporary bypass drain piping provisions are installed as necessary.

Step 2: Pipe cleaning

Pipe Cleaning

Debris, roots and corrosion are removed from the pipes using a Nu Flow pneumatic cutting tool. A wide variety of different cutting heads can be selected for use depending upon the type of pipe system and the severity of the buildup inside. The pipe is restored back to its original diameter.

Step 3: Pipe lining

Pipe Remodeling

An epoxy-saturated felt liner with an internal bladder is pulled through the cleaned pipe system, using the existing access points. The bladder is inflated, which pushes the epoxy liner along the internal circumference of the pipe. This liner can bend through elbows, Ts and Wyes.

Step 4: Cure and System Evaluation

Pipe mantainance

The epoxy cures within hours. The bladder is removed, leaving a strong, seamless, structural pipe within the host pipe. This protective liner will prevent future failures. A final leak test and inspection is performed.

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