About Us

About MAUI Plumbing


With over 75 years of combined experience in the industry, no company is more prepared to handle your plumbing project on Maui. Our purpose is to provide solutions to our customers while creating an enjoyable experience and building long term, lasting relationships. We believe in having a consistency of excellence with all that we do.

Ray Michaels, our owner, was born and raised on Maui. He learned plumbing at a very young age from his father at his family’s plumbing business.

There are many reasons why Maui’s finest residential buildings, restaurants, and schools rely on Maui Plumbing. Since we started, our reputation has been built on high quality, fairly priced service and an impeccable attention to detail. On doing a job right the first time and doing it neatly. On never having to make excuses. When you call Maui Plumbing, you always get a real live plumber on the phone—not a receptionist, or worse, an answering machine.

Maui Plumbing is a company that will actually show up (believe it or not, we hear from many customers that many outfits don’t do this), diagnose and do the job and keep you ‘in-the-loop’ while doing so; finish it, clean up, and get out.

Maui Plumbing technicians are licensed plumbers, not salesmen. We come to fix your problems, not try to sell you on services you do not need.

And isn’t this what you want? No lollygagging, taking a long lunch, taking surf breaks. Do it, do it right, the first time, with aloha.